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During World War II, Noah Herman worked at Caterpillar near Peoria, IL assembling war machinery. After the war ended, Noah became a carpenter and started his own home building business in 1949 called Noah Herman Construction. Four generations later, Noah Herman Sons Builders has become an industry leader building, consulting, and designing custom homes nationwide!

All of the current generation Herman Brothers - Chad, Dave, Jared, Nate and Justin have spent countless hours working the jobsites from the bottom up. From sweeping floors and stacking lumber; to framing, siding, roofing, and trimming; moving on up to leading crews, meeting clients, and designing multi-million dollar mega homes and recreational properties! Over the years NHS has evolved into several family businesses all with a focus on helping clients better enjoy their homes, properties, and the great outdoors!

The Herman Brothers Customer Service and Work Ethic is second to none and our Expertise and Experience are Industry-Leading! Our Team can accomplish any task as well as help you answer any of your questions! If you can dream it, we can design and build it!

The Herman Brothers shouldn’t get all the recognition though, cause everyone knows that behind every great man there is… a woman rolling her eyes… The Herman wives are actually the brains and glue of the whole operation. They get the job done, with a baby or two on their hip. You will never meet a more hardworking, dedicated, talented core of beautiful women than the Herman Brother wives!

Our Team

Greg & Beth Herman Chad & Julie Herman Dave & Michelle Kellenberger Nate Herman Jared Plattner
  Justin Herman   Tyler Kempf  


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